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DBM is a cross-platform Database GUI desktop tool.

System requirements


The binary package of the software was compiled and tested based on the following system, has not been tested on other versions and is theoretically supported.

If unsupported systems use source compilation, actively compile binaries.

System version
Windows windows-2022
macOS 11
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Binary installation


Download the binary software package to install the system.

The source code to install


To manually compile and install DBM, follow these steps.

The system needs to install yarn , if the command is not installed, please replace yarn with npm to execute

  • Clone the source code to this machine
git clone
  • Install node-sass external dependencies
yarn add node-sass
  • Install software dependencies
yarn install
  • Compile and build the app
yarn run release


After the compilation is completed, the dbm-<version>-<os>-<arch>.zip package will be generated in the release directory.

You can install it with the relevant package.


If you do not want to install to the local software directory, you can use the following methods to start the development mode for software use.

yarn run dev


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